No Reservations….

Summer on the Outer Banks is a great time of year, but also a busy, busy time. In the restaurant business, we sometimes joke that it doesn’t matter what time it is, but everyone seems to hear the same lunch and dinner bell and comes in at the exact same time. We do not take reservations and therefore take care of our guests on a first come, first served basis. Generally, the earlier the better but the wait often begins around 5:30 pm. We field phone calls all day long with the most common question being something like “how long will I have to wait tomorrow at 6:30?” Once again, impossible to predict! Generally, our busiest times are 12:30 – 2:30 pm and 6 – 8:30 pm, although this changes for things such as bad weather (busier during the day, slower at night), or sometimes for no apparent reason at all!  Our two busiest times of the week are Thursdays from 6-8 pm and Saturdays from 12-2:30 pm.  But almost all nights we have a waiting list from 6 – 8 pm (Sunday is usually the slowest night).

We will take first seating call-aheads for parties of 8 or more to be seated at 4:15 or 4:30 pm (sorry, not applicable on rainy days). Please call the day you plan to visit to set this up and remember that we are unable to seat you until everyone in your party is present. We also serve our entire menu at the bar and have brand new booths available as well.

If you do need to wait for a table, take advantage of our backyard beer garden and let the kids play on the pirate ship playground while you relax with a cold beverage and listen to live acoustic music that starts around 5:30 pm (weather permitting).  We do have outside service at picnic tables, but please remember, if there’s a long wait inside, going outside doesn’t guarantee you will be served immediately so please be understanding if it takes a moment for the outside staff to wait on you, especially if you are one of 50 people that have recently come to enjoy the outside.

Hope this helps make your visit a bit more enjoyable and we can’t wait to serve you!!


The Dedicated Brewing Station Crew