The Outer Banks Brewing Station Wins Gold at the World Beer Cup 2014!

The Outer Banks Brewing Station is pleased to announce that we have won the Gold Medal for our German-Style Beer, MeyerBock, in the 2014 World Beer Cup! Thank you to the Brewmaster, Scott Meyer, and the brew team for all their hard work, dedication, and innovation. Scott, the Outer Banks Brewing Station’s BrewMaster, entered his MeyerBock brew in the World Beer Cup 2014 and placed first out of 34 entries in the German-Style Heller Bock / Maibock category. Cheers to Scott and the team!

The World Beer Cup is often referred to as The Olympics of Beer Competition


Brewmaster World Cup of Beer Gold Medal

The World Beer Cup  is the most highly revered beer competition in the world to date. The “Olympics of Beer Competition” is held every two years and was founded in 1996 by the Brewers Association. This global competition was started “to celebrate the art and science of brewing by recognizing excellent achievements.” The Brewers Association was also concerned with the availability of information on the ever-growing and changing beer market. As consumer choices expand the Beer Association wanted to ensure that there was quality information being produced on the expanding consumer beer choices. From there The World Beer Cup was born.

This world-wide competition ultimately creates greater consumer awareness about several varieties of beer styles and flavor profiles while promoting global beer excellence. The Brewers Association has formed a panel of highly qualified professional beer judges. This panel awards the top 3 beers in all of the 91 total beer categories with gold, silver, and bronze medals respectively.
The World Beer Cup is the largest commercial international beer competition ever held. There were 4,754 beers entered in to the competition from 1,403 different breweries. Those breweries come from 58 different countries!

This isn’t the first time The Outer Banks Brewing Station has been honored with awards from The World Beer Cup…

In 2012, took the bronze medal with the Vitis Reductus Weisse. The Vitis Reductus Weisse fell in the category of German-Sour Ale. The Outer Banks Brewing Station has also placed second for the Lemongrass Wheat Ale, in 2010. And in 2006 The Brewing Station took the bronze medal for the Smolder Bock. The Lemongrass fell in the herb and spice or chocolate beer category and the Smolder Bock fell in the smoked flavor beer category.

Kudos to Scott and the team! We hope to continue to participate in this great event every time it is held. What category should we go after in 2016?