The Pub hits the Great American Beer Festival for the first time

Brew Master Scott  pours beer at the great american beer  festival

Talk about a beer geek’s dream: 3 days, 580 breweries, 2700 beers being poured, and 50,000 people!! Insanity!  Our little pub on the end of the earth was chosen to pour in the brewpub pavilion which took 24 brewpubs from around the country and placed them smack dab in the center of the madness.  We poured LemonGrass wheat ale to the relief of beer knurds who were tired of trying IPAs.  It was encouraging to see the great response to our beer and to meet so many folks who had actually visited the pub before. The Great American Beer Festival was insane!  There was a silent disco (everybody wears their own headphones), a mobile barbershop (brewers are a hairy crowd), games, talks, keg tappings, and an unbelievable amount of beer!