The New Brewhouse Rocks!!!

Hey Everybody!! Well Brewer Dave Virgil and I spent the time since re-opening in May installing and brewing like mad on our new 10 barrel (a barrel = 31 gallons) Deutsche Beverage system! All those installation labors paid off last week in the form of our first two releases;  Ocracoke Porter and Crystal IPA.  First out of the gate was our Ocracoke porter, a “robust” porter featuring enough dark malts in it to give it the classic roasty edge while having a bit of “ummph” in the alcohol department (6.3%ABV) while not being as “bitey” as a Baltic porter or a stout.  That said it really has a soft, sweet mouthfeel and goes down well in the heat of summer – a surprise for those who don’t normally drink dark beers.  Our second release, a tip of the hat to our hop fans, was Crystal IPA showcasing American Crystal hops ,the quiet workhorse of the hop industry.  Crystal hops were born of a cross breeding program back in the 80’s at Oregon State Univeristy between the quintessential German noble hop Hallertauer mittelfrueh and a male hop designated USDA 21381M, who’s pedigree included Cascade, Brewer’s Gold, and Early Green and is kin to the Liberty, Ultra and Mt. Hood varieties.  We did this beer as a single hop IPA meaning the bittering, flavoring, and aroma were all Crystal.  This tower of hops is supported by English pale malt and some German pilsner malt to give it a malty balance and an easy drinking 6% ABV.

Look for our next releases: Roggen (rye), Blonde, Wit

We hope you all stay tuned to all the different beers we will be kicking out this summer – it’s on!!!!!!!