How long will we have to wait tomorrow at 7:30?

That question ranks with our other favorites, “How do I get to the beach?”  “Where’s your wind turbine?” and “How far apart are the mile posts?”.  While we sometimes  joke that our crystal ball into the future is broken, the answer to the will-you-be busy-question this time of year is an emphatic YES!Brewing Station OBX

The Outer Banks is unique in so many ways, and everyone having the same check-in day creates unique peak times for restaurants.  Quick, what are the two busiest times for us during the summer?  Did you guess Thursdays from 6-8 pm and Saturdays from noon-2:30?  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings are the busiest, with 6:30-8:30 usually seeing a wait every night and 12:30 – 2:30 often on a wait for lunch.  Stormy weather makes us slower for dinner and flat out crazy busy during the day.  Sundays and Mondays are usually the slower nights, and perfect beach days, especially following a day of bad weather, makes lunch a little quieter.  But, going back to our cracked crystal ball, we really never know how many hungry and thirsty people will walk through that door at any given moment.  (although using Murphy’s Law, it usually happens right after extra staff clock out, have their shift beer and head to the beach!

When faced with waiting for an available table, the best thing to do is to take a deep breath, pleasantly take your pager, get one of our delicious brews, and take the kids to the fenced backyard to play on the pirate ship.  Live acoustic music will be playing out back Wednesday through Sunday from 5 pm until dusk, weather permitting.  Please try to refrain from snarling at our hosts; they work very hard to get you seated as quickly as possible and they want it as much as you do.  Don’t inform them they are ruining your vacation!  IF you add the backyard experience into your dinner plans, the wait can even be a positive experience.  So come on in a little early before your kids are famished and cranky and remember, we are trying our best to help you ENJOY YOUR VACATION!