KDH needs chickens!!!

Vote on Chickens KDH

The KDH town council will soon be voting on whether or not to allow residents to raise chickens in their backyards and we need your support with this measure! We believe that raising hens (not the loud males (roosters) but quiet, fluffy hens who cluck inoffensively) in a responsible, small, and personal way, is healthy for the environment (chickens eat bugs and potentially dangerous ones like ticks that can carry Lyme disease, and provide a great source of nitrogen for the soil), they provide eggs and they can help our children understand how the food cycle works. So to support the new wave of chicken backers we will have a petition going around our back yard on Thirsty Thursday at the brewing station June 7th from 5pm on. Soul One will be playing music, the beer trailer will be rockin’ and, hopefully the chickens will come home to roost!!