Some People Eat and Run, Some Sit and Savor….A Guide to “Call Ahead Seating”

Because people are unpredictable in every possible way, we cannot accept reservations.  Keeping a table empty for a group running late, showing up with less or more people (or never showing up at all!) while there are others present and waiting to eat just wasn’t working out for anyone.

Call ahead seating is the closest thing we can come to a solution.  Basically, when you are getting ready to go out, you can call and ask to be put on the waiting list before you actually arrive. Call ahead seating simply puts your name on the wait list, just as if you had sent one person in your party ahead of the rest to put the name in to reduce the in-restaurant wait time While it doesn’t guarantee you a table the moment you step in, it should cut down on your wait time and allows the hosts to plan their strategy for seating you as quickly as they can!

We really do try to give you an accurate estimate for your wait, and many times we exceed expectations, but occasionally it takes longer than expected to open up your table for you.  This is because  “Some people eat and run, some sit and savor” Therefore, all stated wait times are approximate!