Thank You Sir May I Have Another – New Can Conditioned Pale Ale

A drinkable East Coast style pale ale (as in “session” style beer – just more than one!) which balances malt with an easy bitterness and a rather pleasant UK Brambling Cross finish & dry hopping – 5.7% alcohol by volume. This new portable treat is available in a 16oz “can-conditioned” cans for $11.99 a 4-pack. (can-conditioning is a natural method of creating carbonation in the can through a mini secondary fermentation)
So come on by and grab your 4 packs today! These are sure to help you make it through the winter on the OBX. And you never know, you might see them in a store near you soon. Keep your fingers crossed and have a good day.

Brew Station's New Can Conditioned Pale Ale
Brew Station's New Canned Pale Ale