Mini Perry Growlers and Naughty and Spiced Cans!

Our Naughty and Spiced Christmas Ale (8.4% abv) just came on tap and we were able to get it in 16 oz. cans too! It is $19.99 per 4 pack, and we will be donating $1 for every can sold to our holiday food and toy drive.

Also, our next Perry (a hard cider like beverage fermented with other fruits) – Sugar Plum Perry – and have decided to pre-fill 24 growlers (32oz) for sale since we cannot fill growlers of this tasty gem off the tap (unlike beer this type of beverage needs to be counter pressure filled to keep the carbonation intact.)  We dont know how long these growlers will last at $12 but so come out as soon as you can to get the togo version.  If you bring back the bottle you can refill it with beer for the refill price or get a dollar off your next Perry Prefill!! Next up will be raspberry lime!!